KPI Reports for Executive Management Case Study


Our client is a moving and storage company that needed a comprehensive and clear way to track their key performance indicators (KPIs). The company was struggling with fragmented data scattered across various software systems. They needed a unified reporting system to provide insights into their performance, such as lead status, booked and lost jobs, referral sources, social media, testimonial tracking, and storage unit occupancy.


Data Export and Cleaning

Automatically exporting data from the client’s existing software systems and performing necessary data cleaning and analysis.

Visualization in Looker Studio

Creating clean, easy-to-read KPI reports in Looker Studio. These reports include:

  • Status of leads (e.g., booked, lost)
  • Sources of referrals and identification of top referral sources
  • Social media performance
  • Testimonial tracking
  • Sources of referrals and identification of top referral sources

Google Sheets Visualization

Developing visualized maps of storage units in Google Sheets, color-coded by payment status:

  • Paid, unpaid, or empty units
  • Monthly payment statistics and percent vacancy
  • Integrated Reporting: Bringing the storage unit data into the KPI report to provide a summarized view of all units.

The Results

Unified Reporting:

Provided executive management with a single, consolidated view of all critical performance metrics.

Improved Decision-Making:

Enabled quick and informed decisions by highlighting key insights such as lead performance, referral effectiveness, and storage unit occupancy.

Operational Efficiency:

Operational Efficiency: Streamlined data management and reporting processes, reducing manual work and errors.

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