Workflow Optimization with Case Study


A moving and storage company needed a more efficient way to track and manage their workflow, particularly for operational tasks and administrative processes. The company’s dedicated moving and storage software was inadequate for tracking tasks, overseeing administrative duties, and providing a clear overview of job statuses. Managers struggled with a lack of visibility and control over the workflow.


Workflow Creation with

We developed a detailed workflow that covers the entire process from lead acquisition to job closeout. This workflow enables the company to track the stage of each job with clear status indicators. Within each stage, we included checklists for required tasks to ensure nothing is overlooked.


Utilized automations to streamline the workflow:

  • Automatically requested manager approvals at key stages
  • Automatically advanced jobs to the next stage once required fields are completed.

The Results

Improved Visibility

Managers gained a clear view of the status of all jobs and tasks

Increased Efficiency

Automations reduced manual work and ensured smooth transitions between job stages

Enhanced Control

The ability to track operational tasks and administrative duties improved overall workflow management

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